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Robi SMS Pack 2022: All latest Robi SMS bundle offer

Robi sms pack 2022 All latest bundle package for All Robi customers. Robi is now a popular mobile network in Bangladesh. They are trying to provide high-quality voice calls and interment services. In this post, I am writing about The latest Robi SMS pack bundle offer with a complete activation process for the robi user. You will get step by package list with a table and that will be very helpful for you. All the package updated from Robi official website on 15 April 2020. If you want to get your favorite package you should read this post from start to end.

Robi SMS Pack 2022 (All new list):

For all Robi user, I want to discuss all SMS package and bundle offer step by step. Because user wants to get the easy and simple process to activate their SMS pack. please take a look below you will get latest update Robi SMS package list 2022.

SMS PackActivation Code    PriceValidity
250( rob to robi/airtel)*8666*07#15 Tk.7 Days
200 (all prepaid)*123*6*5*6#10 Tk.3 Days
200 (any operator)*123*2*7*1#5 Tk.30 days
100 (robi to robi)*8666*5555#5 Tk.2 days
100 (any operator)*8666*1000#10 Tk.1 day
100 + 20MB free*123*6*6*3# 5 Tk.1 days
100 (any network)*123*6*5*4# 6.9 Tk.1 day
20 SMS (any operator)*8666*40#3 Tk.1 hour
10 SMS*8666*1# 1 Tk.1 hour
1800 (robi to robi)*8666*15000# 158.28 Tk.28 days
1500 SMS (any operator)*123*2*7*3# 20 Tk.30 days
1000 (postpaid customer)*123*2*2*2# 18.26 Tk.30 days
900 (any operator)*8666*25# 30.44 Tk.30 days
500 (In Bangladesh)*123*223# 5 Tk.1 day
500 (international)*123*6*5*2# 12 Tk.1 day
500 (Postpaid customer))*123*2*2*1# 12.18 Tk.30 days
500 robi to any net*123*2*7*2# 10 Tk.30 days
400 SMS robi to any net*123*6*5*6# 12.18 Tk.1 day

Now I want to discuss some popular Robi SMS pack. Most of the Robi users want to get this kind of popular SMS bundle for their daily life.

Robi Popular SMS offer:

5 Taka 200 SMS: Robi 5 taka 200 SMS is so much popular pack for all Robi users. Any Robi user can easily active this offer from their Robi sim. To activate this Package simple dial from your mobile *123*2*7*1#. After that, you will see the confirmation popup message on your mobile screen. Validation time for this package 30 days.You can use this SMS for any operator.

Robi 1500 SMS 20 taka offer: Robi 20 taka 1500 SMS is another one popular SMS pack for Robi customers. Any Robi user can active this offer from their Robi sim. To active this 1500 SMS pack dial from your mobile *123*2*7*1#. After that you will get a popup sms. This package validation time is 30 days.

Robi 500 SMS 10 taka: Robi 10 taka 500 SMS bundle is one of the best SMS pack for robi user. This package cost will be 10 tka and you will get 500 sms. Dial *123*2*7*2# from your mobile to activate this offer. You can use your SMS for any operator within 30 days.

robi to robi 100 sms offer:

If you are using unlimited fnf package so this special offer only for you. All unlimited plan user can active this package.

  • To active Robi 100 SMS pack dial from your sim *123*6*5*4#
  • An unlimited Robi package planer can use this package.
  • You can active this package unlimited time from your sim.
  • The total validation time is 24 hours.
  • After activation time will count for the next 24 hours.
  • This package cost will be only 6.9 taka.
  • Robi to rob you can send 40 SMS and other 60 for any operator.
  • Dial *222*10# to check Balance for Robi to Robi.
  • For Robi to others operator Balance check Dial *222*20#

Robi sms 1800 pack

This is big volume SMS bundle for Robi users. If you are a big volume SMS pack user this package perfect for you. robi 1800 SMS bundle pack cost is not big but you will get big volume SMS for 28 days.

  • Active this 1800 SMS bundle Dial *8666*15000#
  • After activation customer will get a confirmation SMS.
  • Validation time 28 days.
  • Total amount of cost for 1800 SMS only 158 taka.
  • Customer can active this package unlimited time.

Robi SMS Bundle Package 2022:

The bundle package is an attractive offer for Robi customers. That’s why I am writing about this I hope this bundle package will be very helpful for you. To see all activation code, price and validation time please follow the table below.

SMS AmountActivation codePriceValidation
1800*8666*1500#158 TK28 Days
250*123*6*5*1*1#12 TK7 Days
500*123*6*5*2*1#12 TK1 Day
10*123*6*5*3*1#1 TK60 minute
400*123*6*5*6*1#Tk 101 Day
800*123*6*5*7*1#Tk 102 Days
200*123*6*5*5*1#Tk 103 Days

Robi international SMS pack:

Robi recently published an International SMS package for Robi users. Because lots of Bangladeshi people stay all over the world. so their family people want to send SMS daily from Bangladesh to anywhere. Here is some best Robi international SMS offer with step by the step activation process.

Total SMSPriceActive codeValidationCountry
8 SMS10 TK*8666*6#5 DaysAnywhere
3 SMS3 TK*8666*1#1 DayAnywhere
55 Tk*8666*4#3Any
1 SMS(regu)2.50 TKNo needAnytimeAny

How can i check my robi sms?

Lots of user asking this question how can we check our robi sms easily. Ok great I am providing now the best solutions for all robi customer. First of all you should follow all the package table hope you will find exact code. Also I am providing here very common system for sms checking.

  • Check robi to Robi sms Dial *222*10#.
  • To check robi to any operator Dial *222*20#.
  • This is very simple and easy way.

Terms & Conditions

There is all terms and condition for all kinds of Robi SMS bundle and pack. so You should read it completely to avoid any confusions.

  • Any Robi customer can active any package from there Robi sim.
  • If you want to active any bundle you should dial the exact code.
  • Robi can change or close any package at any time.
  • You can use your SMS pack from any network 2G,3G,4G.
  • Robi customers can buy any package unlimited time.
  • VAT, SD, and SC are included.

Thanks for reading this Article. I hope that you have already got your best Robi SMS pack for your daily SMS use. If you have any questions or need any more help please feel free to comment below. I am ready to help you as soon as possible.

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