GP internet Offer April 2024 | All internet packages(updated)

GP Internet offer April 2024: If you want to get All the latest GP internet offers 2024. You will get All the latest Grameenphone internet packages from this post.  Grameenphone is one of the Best mobile companies in Bangladesh. They are providing Awesome service For their customers. Most Users want the Best internet package and Best minute Package for their Daily Use. GP is the only mobile Company that provides the Best GP internet offer and the Best GP minute offer daily. I am writing About the All Gp internet offer for Grameenphone Users and Visitor will get complete details about the Gp internet offer.

GP Internet offer April 2024:

Here you will get all GP internet package details with complete Guidelines. Most of the package is User-friendly and I am 100% sure all Grameenphone users will love all packages. This package list was collected from the Grameenphone Official website and also From mobile GP offer SMS. If you have any questions or need any more help, Don,t Forget to comment at the end of this post.


Here I am talking about the Latest GP 7-day Internet Packages. Most of the Grameenphone Users want to buy this 7-day internet package for their daily use. so I am providing here an updated list for the 7-day GP Internet pack. I hope that this list will help you to get the best 7-day Internet Package.

Package detailsPackage duration total cost Activation code
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G)7 Days
Tk. 198
8GB7 DaysTk. 148*121*3262#
1GB7 Days
Tk. 77
2GB7 DaysTk. 98*121*3322#
5GB (4GB+1GB)7 DaysTk. 114*121*3344#
6GB (4G)7 DaysTk. 124*121*3434#
8GB7 DaysTk. 148121*3262#

GP Latest 30 DAYS Internet offer

A monthly Interest package is very important for 30 30-day internet users. Mainly freelancers and job holders want to buy 30 days monthly internet packages. Grameenphone always tries to provide the Best Monthly internet package for their customer. Please take a look below you will find all the latest and updated GP monthly internet package list. This list has recently been Update from the Grameenphone Official website. I hope you will get your best monthly internet package from this list.

Package detailsPackage duration total cost Activation code
200GB (4G30 DaysTk. 1999*121*3438#
100GB (4G)30 DaysTk. 1499*121*3437#
60GB (4G)30 DaysTk. 999*121*3436#
50GB (20GB 4G)30 DaysTk. 998*121*3394#
25GB (5GB 4G)30 DaysTk. 649*121*3393#
25GB 4G + 600min30 DaysTk. 989*121*3450#
20GB (4G)30 DaysTk. 499*121*3435#
15GB30 DaysTk. 498*121*3459#
10GB 4G (300 Min30 DaysTk. 599*121*3448#
10GB (2GB 4G)30 DaysTk. 399*121*3392#
8GB30 DaysTk. 349*121*3474#
5GB30 DaysTk. 299*121*3458#
3GB30 DaysTk. 289*121*3391#
1GB30 DaysTk. 189*121*3282#
2GB (Skype, Zoom)30 DaysTk. 83*121*3463#
4GB (Skype, Zoom)30 DaysTk. 261*121*3403#
Package Details Cost/Charge Active Code Validation/ Days
Starting Package 2.5 BDT *121*3000# N/A
5MB 2.5 BDT *121*3002# 3
350MB @ 31tk 31 BDT *121*3083# 3
1GB (7 Days) 89 BDT *121*3056# 7
5GB 399 BDT *121*3392# 30
15GB Buy now 649 BDT *121*3393# 30
30GB 998 BDT *121*3394# 30
85MB 37 BDT *121*3004# 7
10GB Buy now 198 BDT *121*3133# 7
1GB 189 BDT *121*3390# 30
3GB 289 BDT *121*3391# 30
Facebook 28 Days Package 18 BDT *121*3024# 28
6GB Buy latest one 148 BDT *121*3262# 7
3GB 108 BDT *121*3344# 7
Facebook 7 Days Pack 6 BDT *121*3023# 7
2GB 54 BDT *121*3242# 3(72 hours)

GP 1 GB internet offer 2024

The most user wants to get a Gp 1 GB offer because this Gp offer is the most wanted offer. So that’s why I am writing about  Gp 1 Gb offer 2024 below details.

Package NameActive code Validation
GP 1gb 5tk*500*4*5#7 days
GP 1GB offer 9tk*5020*2217#28 days
GP offer 1gb 18tk*121*3234#8 hours
GP offer 1gb 21tk 2020*121*5097#7 days
GP offer 1gb 31tk 2020*121*5087#5 days
Gp 1GB 50tk*121*3844#7 days
GP 1gb offer 104tk*121*3056#7 days
GP 1gb offer 86tk*121*3056#7 days
GP 1gb offer 189tk*121*3390#30 days

  To easily buy all Gp 1GB internet offer I am writing more details for User hope all users can easily Buy all Package easily.  

Gp 1GB 5 taka

GP 1 GB 5tk is a very interesting and low-cost internet offer for GP users. This is one of the Best Weekly 1GB packages for Grameenphone users To activate this package simply Dial from your Grameenphone sim *500*45#. After that, you will get a confirmation message. user will get a 7-day validation time for this offer.  

Gp 1GB 9 taka offer 2024

GP 1Gb 9 taka is another one Best Internet packages for All grameenphone users. Really this is an awesome offer for GP users. To activate, this internet offers a simple Go to your mobile dial option and Dial *5020*2217#. Sometimes you will get the message you are not eligible for this offer but no worries you should try with your other sim. This offer validation time is 28 days.

Gp 1GB 18 taka

Gp 1GB 18 taka is the most popular offer for all Grameenphone users and most of the Gp users like this offer too much. To activate, this offer simply dial *121*3234#. After that, you will get a confirmation message. This offer validation time is 8 hours.

Now I am writing About the Most Popular GP internet offer 2024 Complete guidelines for the user.

Gp new Internet offer

Grmeenphone Published all the latest internet offers Daily. and most of the users get all the info From GP apps Flexi plan or My GP  Android apps. So the user can easily get all kinds of latest internet offers using this offer. But sometimes the User wants an instant Offer so there is only one option for all kinds of the latest Gp internet offers simple Dial *121#. After that, All grameenphone User will get all new GP internet offer easily.

Gp monthly Package 2024

Most of the volume Data users want to buy the GP monthly package. Because this is most important for long days package. Mainly  All freelancer or Office employees wants to buy a GP monthly package for their Daily uses. Now I am writing About New Gp monthly Internet Package details. So All grameenphone users can easily buy a GP monthly package from this instruction.

Gp 5GB monthly package 399 taka

Grameenphone always tries to provide the best monthly internet package for their customer. Recently they published a new monthly GP Internet offer  5GB only 399 taka. To activate this monthly package simply dials from your sim *121*3392#. This offer validation is 30 days for all Grameenphone users.

Gp 15Gb monthly package 649 taka

This is another one of the Best Gp monthly packages for all Gp users. All Grameenphone user can easily buy this 30-day monthly package from their GP sim. To activate this 15GB monthly package simply dial from your sim *121*3393#. After that, you will get a confirmation message. This offers validation for 30 days.

Gp 3GB monthly Package 998 taka

GP 30GB offer is really Awesome for High volume Data users—mainly this package is for all freelancers or Office employers. Anyone can easily Buy this 30GB GP monthly Package from their Grameenphone sim. Simply go to your mobile dial option and simply dial *121*3394#. But you should must sufficient balance of At least 998 taka. After dialing *121*3394# you will get a confirmation message.

Gp Bondho sim offer

Most of the grameenphone users can Easily Get this GP Bondho sim offer.Gp already announced that If any Grameenphone sim is inactive minimum of 3 months they are eligible for Grapmeenphone Spceailoffer such as Gp Bondho sim offer, Gp 1Gb offer, Gp 2gb offer, Gp free offer, and many more.

How can Check Gp Bondho sim offer 2024?

Normally you will get an SMS After active your sim but if you want to check manually You can do this easily. Please follow this step hope you can easily check whether You are eligible or not. First, activate your Gp Bondho sim and Go to your mobile message option then Click the write message option after that Type BHK and your mobile number, for example, BHK 01710000000 sent to 9999. After that, you will get an SMS and you can easily see if you are eligible you will get this kind of message. Congratulations you are eligible for Grameenphone bondho sim offer. I hope you got all the points if need any more help you can comment below I am ready to help you right now.

Gp Bondho sim offer new: 500mb 5 taka

There are lots of Bondho sim offer already announced by Graphmeenphone but one of the best Offer is Gp 500mb internet only 5 taka. Yes, you read it right this Awesome offer for All Grameenphone inactive users. To activate this offer simply Dial from your inactive Grameenphone sim *121*3210# after that you will get a Confirmation Message. This offers validation for 7 days. To check your internet Balance simply Dial *121*1*4#.

Gp Bondho sim offer 10 Gb 17 Taka

Yes, this is another one of the best Gp inactive sim offers. If you want to get this Offer you should first check your status write the message and check your eligibility. If you are eligible then simply Dial *5020*2211#. This offer is valid for 30 days so this is awesome I think. so Please before dialing you should have a sufficient balance minimum of 17 taka in your Sim. To check your remaining Internet Balance you simply Dial *121*1*4#.

Gp MB offer

Most of the people searching for a GP MB offer. This is the short version of the Grmeenphone internet offer. you can easily get all the Latest GP MB offers From this post. Also if you want to check the Daily updated GP internet offer simply Dial your Mobile *121#. After that, you will get the option to buy any latest GP internet packages.

GP free internet Offer

Many people asking and searching for GP-free internet Offer. GP sometimes publishes promotional offers such as sometimes Gp are selling New Gp sim and if any person buys any New Gp sim they will get Free internet. This is for new GP sim and this offer is for not all GP users.

I hope All Gp Internet offer 2024 are very helpful for all Users. If you have any questions or If need any more help please feel free to comment below. We are ready to help you all the time. If you want you can visit our Facebook page and you can like our page for more updates. Also, you can check the latest Gp MB offer. Thank you for reading this article. Have a Great Day.

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