Gp bondho sim offer 2020

Gp Bondho sim offer 2020 (updated) 17 taka 4gb GP Internet offer

GP bondho sim offer 2020: Grameenphone is so much powerful Mobile company for Bangladeshi people in this year 2020. They are providing the best internet service for there users. Grameenphone recently published Gp bondho sim offer 2020 for their customer .This offer is the Best offer for All GP users I think. Most of the users will get this offer but some customers can,t buy this offer because there is some condition for GP users. So you should read complete details before start this package. Normally minimum 3-month close sim will be eligible for this offer but if you want to active you should check at first your eligibility for  Gp bondho sim offer 2020 4Gb internet 17 taka. Please take a look below you will get complete step by step process. If you need any help please feel free to comment below I am ready to help you right now.

Who Can Get This Offer?

Most of the Grameenphone users can Easily Get this Bondho sim offer.Gp already announced that If any Grameenphone sim inactive minimum 3 months they are eligible for Grapmeenphone Special offers such as Gp Bondho sim offer, Gp 1Gb offer, Gp 2gb offer, Gp free offer and many more.

How can I Check the Gp Bondho sim offer 2020?

Normally you will get SMS After active your sim but if you want to check manually You can do this easily. Please follow this step hope you can easily check You are eligible or not. At first active your Gp bondho sim and Go to your mobile message option then Click write message option after that Type BHK and your mobile number, for example, BHK 01710000000 send to 9999. After that, you will get an SMS and you can easily see if you are eligible you will get this kind of message. Congratulations you are eligible for Grameenphone bondho sim offer. Hope got all point if need any more Help you can comment below I am ready to help you right now.

Gp Bondho sim offer new: 500mb 5 taka

Gp bondho sim offer 5 taka 500 mb

There are lots of Bondho sim offer already announced by Grameenphone but one of the best Offer is Gp 500mb internet only 5 taka. Yes, you read it right this Awesome offer for All Grameenphone inactive user. To active this offers simple Dial from your inactive Grameenphone sim *121*3210# after that you will get a Confirmation Message. This offers validation for 7 days. To check internet Balance simple Dial *121*1*4#.

Gp Bondho sim offer 10 Gb 17 Taka


Yes, this another one of the best Gp inactive sim offer. If you want to get this Offer you should at first check your status so write the message and check your eligibility. If you are eligible then simple Dial *5020*2211#. This offer valid for 30 days so this is awesome I think. Please before dial you should have sufficient balance minimum of 17 taka in your Sim. To check your remaining Internet Balance you simply Dial *121*1*4#.

Gp 1gb 9 taka

Gp 1 GB 9 taka is the best offer for grameenphone users. to activate this offer dial *121*5001#, *121*5005# or *121*5099#. after that, you will get the confirmation message. This offer validation for 28 days.


Bondho sim offer Terms and condition

  • Users can only one time to get this offer.
  • This offer only can active who is active there sim a minimum of 3 months.
  • All prepaid customers can easily active this offer.
  • the remaining balance will not be added after validation time.
  • This offer validation only 7 days for 1GB internet.
  • Skitto customer can,t get this offer.

Bondho sim offer Special

So which people are eligible for this special offer or which people are not how can you check. Yes, you can check this offer easily. Simple Go to your  Grameenphone sim and Dial *5020*2211#.People only can get this offer 2 times from their GP sim during the campaign. so if you are eligible for this offer you can buy this 2 times from your sim. I think this best for Gp users so you can try this offer Right now.

Top 2 Running GP internet Packages 2020:

If you are not eligible for Gp bondho sim offer no worry. You can check Latest Top 5 Grameenphone internet offer 2020. Please take a look below you will find complete step by step process. Hope this will be very helpful for you.

Gp 1GB 21 taka internet offer:

Yes, this is one of the best internet packages for all grameenphone user. This offer for all Grameenphone users so if anyone wants to active or buy this internet packages they can easily get this offer from there Gp sim.Go to your mobile Dial option and Dial *121*5166#. After that, you will see the confirmation message. All users can one time active this offer from their Gp sim during the campaign period. If you will see the campaign message again after a few days in your inbox yes you can buy this offer again.

Gp 1GB 32 Taka internet offer:

This is one 2nd Best running Gp internet offer so if you want you can easily buy this offer from your Gp sim. This offer cost will be 32 taka so you should have a minimum balance in your Gp sim. After that go to your mobile Dial option and Dial: *121*5068#. After that, you will see the confirmation message. You can buy this offer only one time during this campaign but if you will see the same offer message from Grameenphone yes you can Buy Again this offer.

I hope this article was very helpful for All the latest Gp bondho sim offer 2020. If you have any questions or if you facing any problem to buy any packages please feel free to comment below I am ready to help you within 24 hours. If you want to get latest update for our new post you can bookmark this website also you can like our facebook page. Thanks for reading this article.

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